Programmer Information
Running your own LifeGuide server

A number of our users have successfully set up their own servers because they had specific requirements that meant they were unable to make use of our provided LifeGuide servers. If you wish to run your own server then please discuss this with us first to make sure it is necessary. We are unable to provide extended support in running your own LifeGuide server so it will be important for you to have technical support locally to help you resolve any issues you have. To run a LifeGuide server you will need a Unix server running Java 6, tomcat, apache and mysql to host it.

We have a standard installation we can supply with some documentation as to how to setup the server. Contact us at LifeGuide@soton.ac.uk

Modifying the LifeGuide source code

The LifeGuide software platform comes with a wide range of features that meet the requirements of the majority of interventions that our users would wish to create. It may be however that your intervention requires bespoke components that aren't currently part of LifeGuide's functionality. LifeGuide is an open source platform and we are happy to share the codebase with collaborators and would welcome those wishing to extend LifeGuide with new functionality. The code is written predominantly in Java and Grails. If you think you might like to develop with the LifeGuide source code then please contact us at LifeGuide@soton.ac.uk and we'd be happy to discuss this further with you.